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This is the writing journal of Temperance Cross, or T. Cross,
she is big on fanfiction and enjoys writing original LGBTT
fiction as well as erotica.

tiger & bunny (Nathan/Anontio, Bunny/Tiger/Blue Rose, Blue Rose/Tiger,
Blue Rose/Bunny, Tiger/Bunny)
one piece (SmoAce, MarcoThatch, MarcoAce, Ray/Roger, ZoLu)
bones (Booth/Brennan, Sweets/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins)
d.gray-man (cross/allen, tyki/cross, lenalee/kanda, komui/reever,
road/tyki, bak/fou)
big bang theory (Leonard/Penny, Howard/Raj, Sheldon/Amy, howard/bernadette)
bleach (ichiruki, ichihime, ichiura, ichizangetsu, byaran, shinyori)
hinabn (zombie/hanna, hanna/worth, hanna/conrad, hanna/lamont)
ocs/aus (Hunter/Ace, Marco/Anne, Collie/Ray, White/Yoinks,
Yoinks/Blue, White/Rouge, Thatch/Altair, ichigo/midori,
garp/nanase, thatch/anne, anne/marco/thatch, tiger/hector,
hector/bunny, hector/tiger/bunny, kaede/andrea)
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Interests (51):

, anime, badou/haine, batman, blood and gold, blood ties, bones, csi, csi: las vegas, csi: miami, d.gray-man, disney, dogs, dogs: bullets & carnage, drama, everything and everyone, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, femme slash, ff10/10-2, ff7, ffvii, ffx/x-2, gay, haine/nill, het, heterosexual, homosexual, horror, house m.d., lesbian, lgbtt fiction, manga, music to write too, musically inspiring, nanowrimo, nill/badou, nill/naoto., nolanverse, original fiction, porn, romance, sci-fi, slash, smut, stories, tdk, the vampire chronicles, yaoi, yuri
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